Pregnancy sessions at Little Miracle's studio have been created to capture the love that bonds you and your partner, and your baby. It is wonderful way to celebrate your pregnancy and prepare for the arrival of this new person you have created. 

Pregnancy sessions are best held between 32 and 35 weeks, and it is recommended that you make your booking well in advance of this time. Inside your body a miracle is taking place and this is a time to pause and reflect on the wonderful things that are about to happen. 



The ideal time for a newborn photo shoot is the first 10 days of their life. At this point it is possible to capture them sleeping so peacefully and to set up different positions without disturbing them, or their sleep! 

The ideal location for the newborn shoot is my studio. I have created an environment which is just right to get the best from your baby, with perfect lighting and heating, along with lots of different sorts of props to capture all sorts of different images. 

However, I know that getting out and about with a new baby isn’t always the easiest thing, so I can arrange a shoot at your home (subject to mileage restrictions). Please see the pricing page for details of this. 

I can provide props like hats, blankets and baskets, but please feel free to bring your own or to discuss ideas with me. I work around the baby’s schedule, taking time to stop for feeding, changing and cuddles! The wellbeing of everyone is the most important thing, so we don’t rush, which should make the experience an enjoyable one for all. It’s best to book a newborn shoot about 8 weeks prior to your due date, but this can be changed depending on when your Little Miracle arrives! Please feel free to contact me at any point to check availability, as we all know newborns don’t always arrive on schedule. 

The first few weeks are so special and will pass by so quickly. It will be a privilege to catch those moments for you, so that you can keep and cherish them forever. 


Older Babies 

When you look back over the pictures you have from the first few days and months you can see how quickly your Little Miracle has grown! Now, they won’t sleep as much and they will be starting to develop their own personality. You will see that they are beginning to smile and their eyes will be wide open, trying to take in everything of the world around them. This is what your baby shoot is all about – capturing these precious moments and details unique to your baby. 

The baby shoot can be arranged for any time when your baby is non mobile, but it’s nice to capture special moments such as when your baby is happy on their tummy, or when they can sit up, or starts to crawl or even are able to stand on their own. 

The baby photo shoot takes approx 3 hours. I want you to have a wonderful, relaxed time, so prior to the session we can discuss styles and themes, enabling me to create the perfect picture for you. 



Your Little Miracle has suddenly stopped being a baby and turned into a toddler! They are now a precious little individual with their own character – full of smiles, laughter and energy. Once moving they hardly ever sit still, so it’s great to be able to capture these moments for you to treasure for years to come. 

The toddler shoot can take place either in the studio where we can use a variety of props to create images to suit you, or, weather permitting we can do the shoot in a park or outside location. The shoot will take approx 3 hours, which allows time for changes of clothing, locations or just for the all important snacks and drinks!